About Us

About Us

Growing up one of my nicknames was “walking air-freshener”, for my love of all things that smell beautiful. 
I have always had a love for candles as I find them to be very calming and of course they smell oh so good. I wanted to start making candles mainly to cut costs and to try out something new and crafty. My main goal was to create quality candles at an affordable price. After making candles for myself I began thinking about starting my own Candle business, many ideas came flowing through and with my families support the Orenda Candle Company journey began. 

Candles like Music can help set a mood, so why not mix the two together to create a wonderful experience. Music has always been one of my passions, whether it be recording albums, singing with the family, performing for small or large crowds or dancing the night away to Latin tunes, its always had a special place in my heart. So it just seemed natural that I would find a way to incorporate music somehow in to the Orenda plan. 

With the many ups and downs of life a simple kind word, a beautiful quote, or a motivational message sometimes is all someone needs to help turn their day around. Adding a meaningful message in our candles helps to complete the feel good Orenda experience. 
Why Orenda? Well its all about the meaning… Orenda is to empower yourself and others to change the world in a positive and loving way.

Orenda Candle Company… Its not just a candle, its an experience that is hand poured with love!


We are a clean-burning, hand poured soy candle company from Cambridge, Ontario. launched in 2020. 


Premium Collection:
This is were it all started, with the Orenda Premium collection. Each candle is hand poured in to a matt black vessel with a rose gold lid. The premium line combines sweet scents, flickering wooden wicks, a unique candle name with an inspirational meaning, a shared music playlist  and a motivational message in each candle.

Classic Collection:
Our classic line was created to provide a more budget friendly option to our fellow candle lovers. Each candle is hand poured in a clear glass jar with a metal black lid. In this collection you will find solid candles at an affordable price. 

Special Occasion Collection:
Birthdays, Anniversaries, thank you candles and many more!  *Coming soon*

Seasonal Collection: 
This collection changes each season with new candle scents and jar styles. In this collection we will also have specialty candles that come out for special holidays and times of the year. 

Custom Candles:
Why not customize your own candles!?! Whether you want to make your own custom candles or you would like to create a personalize gift for a loved one, Orenda has a custom candle option allowing you to do just that. You can select which candle jar, colour, scents, personal message and even which shared music playlist you would like for your candle. We also provide the option to create your own wax melts as well! Best of all there is no extra charge for this option, the prices for our custom candles are the same as our premium line candles.
Side note: You can add a special card for gifts as well for only $2 more.

Candle of the month: **Coming Soon**

*Wax Melts - Wax melts available in each collection*


Unscented Candle Options:
For those that love candles, but prefer them scentless we have you covered. In each collection we have scentless options without sacrificing the style and quality of the candle. 

Music Playlists:
QR Codes with shared music playlists are set up for our premium candle collections. The playlists are available on our site regardless of your candle purchase or not. We will also soon be releasing candles with shared music playlist that contain original songs from local Canadian talent.

Motivational Messages:
A message in a candle!?! Motivational messages can be found in each of our premium candles.

Chance to win free candles:
Each candle in our Premium collection includes a winner/play again note. What are your chances? For 1 in ever 20 candles sold there is a winner!

Magnetic Jars/lids:
Don’t know where to place your lid when lighting your candle or afraid that you may loose it?  Concerned that if you place your candle jar on the lid it may be unsafe and could some how slide off? 
Well we have you covered! Each candle jar is set up magnetically so that you can easily and safely set the candle on the lid.

Candle samples -
There is nothing worst then purchasing a candle/wax melt online only to find out that you dislike the scent! Orenda includes candle and/or wax melt samples with each purchase so that you can try out difference scents without having to purchase full sized products each time. 
In fact, when placing an order you can add a note outlining a couple of scent samples you would like to check out and we will try our best to accommodate.  

Special offers - 
Look out for special offers that are posted from time to time on our site. Example: buy 3 & get 1 free

Any questions feel free to contact us! Have a wonderful day and Orenda!